05 April 2006

News Bit #3

It was just last month when I noticed that I got a link back from Dating Dames. Now, there's something new that I want to share -- it has to do something about the same blog.

I got asked to join Gayla McCord and co-author Dating Dames! You heard it right... I'm the new Dame! Teeheehee.

I'm not leaving this blog though. Truth + Travesty has become an avenue for me to express my thoughts and emotions. Plus I like the idea that it has become my Online Dating and Relationships Journal.

I hope I'd get to see you in Dating Dames, too.

Here are some of the entries I've already posted:

Around the World in 80 Dates

Office Dating: Give it a go?

Going on a Blind Date?

and a favourite, Sasha's Non-Couple Moment.

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